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Accu-Steer, Inc. is dedicated to providing quality high-performance hydraulic control of steering systems for yachts and commercial vessels of all classes. Our products are designed with reliability as the primary focus. Each unit is completely tested after assembly and each unit is identified by a serial number with its test results on file at Accu-Steer, Inc.

The product line is a result of a continuing effort to offer a more reliable and serviceable product to the industry therefore it is designed to interface autopilot and electrical steering control to new or existing hydraulic steering systems. Installation is simplified by the use of standard hydraulic fittings on all Accu-Steer products. Electrical connection is made through anti-chaffing water tight wire glands to the large terminal connections within the electrical control box.

Call us at (360) 733-4565 for in-depth product information and pricing.
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